We’re proud to announce our new initiative “Selfless”!

Selfless is a month long campaign where independent musicians donate songs to support an art/music based non-profit or charity.

To kick us off we are collaborating with the one and only @beatsbyesta for the vibez, Jaryl Cabuco for the cover art (visuals) and we’re supporting the non-profit MusicianCorps!

You have the choice of either downloading the song for free or supporting the non-profit. Your choice!

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Spread love and much love beatsbyesta

New group making beautiful first impressions

Smooth, beautiful track by new artist Atlas Bound. Atlas Bound is an Electronia group based in Australia consisting of two members, a producer and a musician. It’s great to see a group that specializes in the whole musical process – from productions, vocals and composing a track together in its entirety.  I don’t see many vocalists on Soundcloud, so when I do I get extra excited – and with this track, it’s been on repeat ever since it came out (yesterday) lol, so I had to share it with you guys.

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Don’t judge a painting by its cover!

What do you see? Look closely. New York artist, originally from Switzerland, Chrissy Angliker makes us question our perception of realism and its relation to real life imagery. Is it abstraction? Or is it simply Angliker’s perspective of the world around us? Artists translate their image of an object, our world, or their thoughts into the outside world through a medium on a surface… Angliker challenges that concept by taking something so ordinary, like a set of beach chairs, and displaying that on an abstracted canvas.

What’s interesting is that with her work, I immediately know what the subject is. I can easily identify if there’s a bunch of people by repeated circles, or a bunch of lawn chairs by the horizontal lines. Her work is so expressive and compact, that it genuinly surprises me that I can identify the subject so quickly. You ever seen those examples of a bunch of letters mixed up in a word, but the first and last letter are always the same, allowing a person to still easily depict the word? Even though it’s all tangled up? This is exactly what it reminds me of.

Lastly, it’s so always intriguing looking at the creative process. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks as if  she paints off a real photograph, and when she paints the first layer, it’s much more realistic than the outcome. Which means there are many more layers on the more realistic layout, which are added on to get more expressive. Interesting huh? Start out with the realism, layer on the masks and ambiguity.

There are plenty more works by Angliker that follow a different theme and style. Check em out below.

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Portrait of my best friend: photograph, 5 min sketch, acrylic painting

This track… this track changed my whole evening. Here I was, forcing down my coffee, groggy as fuck from my two hr nap, scrolling through my Soundcloud stream… then I hear this joint. Right when the bass kicks in, the game is completely changed. Now I’m ready for the rest of my day. See, that’s the power of music. It has the power to change how you feel, to change your current mood and mentality. Shit’s crazy. I feel like goin to rob a bank now. Just kidding…. but I’m about to have a killer workout thanks to this joint.

I see you, EnzoVangetti, I see you. I’m really lovin these Brazilian sounds with the bass. That’s my weakeness. 22 year old producer from LA, Eugene Hong, look out for this dude.

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SKVTR’s Cyprus immediately caught me

You know those tunes you hear for the first time for just a few seconds and you know you’ve just immediately fallen in love with it? Yeah, this is one of em. Just too lovely. Just makes me think of some real, warm memories. Slight chopped up electronic vocals with the deep female vocals gives the song so much more than just a melodic beat. Beautiful.

SKVTR’s first and only tune (on the Soundcloud at least) and I’m so impressed. Can’t wait to hear more!

Download this gem for free here.

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MR.CARMACK….non stop. 

This EP was the first time I ever heard of Ikaz boi and this is what I would call flawless victory! 

This french producer reworks the songs just enough that it doesn’t swerve too far from the original vibes, but then again he adds in his own elements that are completely fresh and give theses songs new life. 

Shout out to Shimmy Records for putting out such a dope project….damn. 

This is more like “Repeat Ep” it literally has been repeat all day. Oh and don’t worry you can listen to it offline, the entire EP is free!

Textile designer by day and illustrator by night. That’s what I call WORK. Llew Mejia is originally from Mexico but currently lives in Minneapolis and did a lot of traveling between north and south America when he was younger. I think you can definitely see the influence of both cultures in his art. Especially in his illustrations, the use of vibrant colors on his animals and figures is similar in that of Mexican art.

Beautiful work, I’d love to cover my entire house in this wallpaper! Ha!

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